openpyxl 1.5.6

Small compatibility release this time, no big features added, see the changelog by yourself:

  • [iter_worksheet] add support for calculated strings (they have a special data type for that ?)
  • [strings] make sure we always use unicode strings everywhere
  • [iter] fixed max row and column detection for iter reader
  • [styles] fixed custom number format detection under OOCalc
However, a large effort has been made on supporting the whole python 2.4 – 2.7 range. In the past, 2.4 and 2.5 compatibilities were damaged, now it should be restored back to normal.
Once again, thanks to all the contributors for their help 😉

7 responses to “openpyxl 1.5.6”

  1. Steven Rumbalski Avatar

    Thanks for all of your work on this. It is much appreciated.

  2. Wichert Akkerman Avatar

    Very much appreciated indeed. A very welcome replacement for xlwt!

  3. Thanks so much for your work on this. It’s proven to be really helpful. The only thing that stands in the way so far is the documentation. I would really like to help you if you need a hand with it.

  4. Hi, thanks for the useful library. Is it possible to install it within IronPython too?

    1. Hi, actually I don’t know as it’s using a lot of CPython libraries to handle xml parsing. If you manage to run it successfully with IronPython let me know, and if you need help setting things up, you can still contact me with a traceback. Good luck ! 🙂

  5. How do you define data validation with openpyxl?


    1. I’m afraid this feature is not yet implemented (at least not by me). You could file a ticket in the project bug tracker and maybe someone will write it ?