I'm french, but I currently live and work in Belgium. Also, I'm used to write in English all day long, that's why it became this blog's main language

I graduated from the IUP Miage in Nancy, France. I'm now a database administrator, as well as an experienced developer with .NET technologies. About a year ago, I discovered Python. It's now my favourite language, by far.

Also, I'm fascinated by software that is WELL WRITTEN and runs FAST... event if obsessed would be more accurate

I'm an addicted gamer too. Unfortunately, I don't have much time to play, and I'm not really good at them... (except for First Person Shooters)

Finally, my life would be pretty worhless without this girl... and we finally married in late 2010 ! No I don't have a cat, I prefere lolcats to the real furry ones... eventually this one is Simon's Cat.