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Upcoming changes for openpyxl

I’m announcing the last (or at least what I believe to be the last) 1.x release of openpyxl to be imminent. I’ll try to quickly fix all compatibility issues that arose since the last release so people can start using the development branch in other python versions than 2.7.5 …

2.x versions will then follow, starting with non-backward compatible changes in the styles department.

I’m also announcing I will no longer lead the project alone, as I can’t find as much time as I should to code, reply on the mailing list and review pull requests. For now, Charlie from Clark Consulting has accepted to help me on the 2.x serie.

Happy coding ! 🙂

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  1. Selene Selene

    Hi, I am using openpyxl 2.2.4 but i have a problem, when to print in Excel cut characters, i hope you can help me

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