openpyxl starts being used

When I started working on openpyxl a few months ago, I didn’t know it would catch that much activity around it. I’m very happy to see that it can apparently help  so many people 🙂

I’ll try to follow-up on the bug fixes and new features as far as my time permits, and will usually answer emails within the day. Thank you everyone for using the library, even though it is still far from being perfect 😉 Keep posting bugs on the tracker or ideas and requests on the mailing list !

One response to “openpyxl starts being used”

  1. Thanks!
    I have been using xlrd for ages, and wrote my own xlsx engine for doing some specific things using zip and elementtree or minidom (generating quote templates, and reading files), but I was always after a generic library for when I just wanted to write a quick data import etc.