Openpyxl 2.0.0

This is a very important milestone for the project as version 2.0.0 is now tagged. This means we are confident enough to have it tested in the wild, despite the few changes required to enjoy it fully (mainly in styles department).

As you might have noticed, even though we are sometimes backporting fixes to the lower release branches, development is going on 2.x branch now, and fixes are most likely to occur in the latest version.
We take tests and benchmarks seriously, so you are not on the frontline for bugfinding, hence we encourage you to get started with 2.x as soon as you can as this will become the new default version in a few days.

1.8.6 will remain our last 1.x branch, and will remain on PyPI for the moment, allowing a smooth(er) transition to 2.x. However, as we will focus our work on 2.x, do not expect changes to happen on that branch from our side, but feel free to contribute backports as pull requests if you need them on that version for a reason.

On a different note, I’d like to thank everyone involved on the project since its inception, in a few days from now, version 1.0 will be FOUR years old (see it here). I’d never expect this project to become what it is now, because I didn’t imagine there were so many nice contributors willing to give their time, energy, resources, to make an open source project succeed.
At last, I’d like to thank once more Charlie Clark for his devoted work, and for being our current champion at improving the ECMA standard ruling the OOXML format 😉 Good luck with that Charlie !